S.H.Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist

Feb, 23 2017 | 3,667 views

S.H.Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist

S.H.Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist
"Rogue One / Star Wars Story MovieNEX Premium Box" Included
S.H.Figuarts "ROGUE ONE" lineup,
"Death Trooper Specialist" appeared.
In "S.H.Figuarts Death Trooper Specialist" released in December 2016 exactly "special" finished item added 5 kinds of parts such as long distance blaster, shoulder guard, chest protector, grenade belt, head part scope part etc .

Product Specifications
- Height: about 155mm
- Material: ABS, PVC
Set Contents
- Body
- Two replacement wrists on each side
- Three types of blaster (Type 2 / Small type 1)
- Replacement scope parts for blaster
Price: 14,040JPY (8% tax included) 

Release Date: April, 2017


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